A five-day training for 25 presidents of municipal/city election commission “Leadership and election conflict management” ended today

Sarajevo, October 20, 2017 – Following a series of workshops on “Leadership and Conflict Management” (LEAD) being held for the members and employees of the BiH CEC, a five-day training for presidents of municipal/city election commissions was completed today in Sarajevo. The training is held as part of the electoral assistance program of the Council of Europe that entrusted conduct of the training of the European Center for Electoral Support (ECES). The training sessions were held in the newly established Center for education of the BiH CEC. The same training will be conducted next week in Laktaši for additional 25 presidents of municipal/city election commissions.


LEAD workshops are intended for further capacity building within election administration in BiH for the purpose of preparation for the future election cycles.



LEAD combines education techniques with an interaction-based approach. Indeed, instead of relying on conventional teaching methods such as lecturing, LEAD focuses on practical problem solving. The training uses cases that electoral stakeholders actually face, promoting experience sharing among the participants. The purpose of this methodology is to provide content of direct relevance to participants' concerns as well as to deliver this content in a creative and engaging manner. By promoting a practical and interactive learning experience, LEAD encourages participants to think outside the box in order to bring creative and innovative ideas to the table.

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